Sunday, April 23, 2017

My story

Born in the downriver area of Detroit, I knew I was destined for something great.  I knew I had a gift for writing or expressing myself through writing stories and poetry.  That came full circle for me ten years after dropping out of college at my first attempt.  

Fast forward some years later into adulthood I was faced with being a divorcee with three sons to raise.  It was not easy at all.  Consistent local support was hard to come by and my family supported me emotionally and financially long distance.  Still I did not want to give up on love.  

After a few attempts at it, I failed miserably.  I know now that I was not equipped with information that would help me make better choices in love relationships.  I was not going to repeat those lessons anymore.  They were too costly.  

Today I am happier than ever.  My dream of writing and helping others through inspirational writing and coaching is now a dream come true. I have a healthy and happy marriage full of joy and commitment.  I share that love and stories in the newsletter with subscribers click here.  And as a crosscultural marriage and relationship coach I want to celebrate your story, your marriage.  We know what works for each of us and I support you by working with your strengths and help you enhance your marriage to be all that it can be.  

Many blessings, 


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